Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Bussert Arrested For Rape At Party

A 21-year-old North Dakota man has been charged with sexual assault after allegedly raping an unconscious woman at an apartment in Fargo.

The suspect, John Leroy Bussert was taken into custody and when questioned by officers told them his 'friend' encouraged him to do it by telling him repeatedly"she wants it".

Police say both Bussert and his yet to be identified (or arrested) 'friend' lured the female acquaintance over to some party in order to get her drunk and then assault her.

Bussert went on to tell police the woman never woke up while he was raping her.

According to the Fargo Forum:

"...when an investigator asked Bussert if he thought the woman knew he was having sex with her, he said, “I don’t know” and said he thought she was passed out."
The article then continues:

"Bussert allegedly told police that his friend “has given him sexual advice in the past and he was helping while she was passed out tonight as well,”"
In exchange for the great advice, his 'friend' would find him a female (victim) if he provided him with booze, the suspect went on to tell investigators.

Both dumbassees were then taken to a hospital for a sexual assault examination kit.

On his above Facebook profile, Mr. Bussert wrote last year:

"I have just turned, I'm coming back baby and I'm gonna be just as stronger. My past was awefully but my future is bright. I'm a mellow guy and my life is great. A drunk guy said I was an alright guy and my family loves me so I now have the confidence and i'm getting a job. All my friends I will reconnect and get back into their lives. I must have a better future."
He just screwed that all up...

Bail has been set at $50,000 and he could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Besides the aforementioned Facebook, Bussert also had profiles on MySpace and Formspring found here and here.


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