Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sex Offender Gregory O'Neall Photographed Girls At Costco

A 51-year-old convicted sex offender living in the state of Washington has been arrested on child pornography charges.

Police also accuse the suspect, Gregory Sean O'Neall, of taking pictures of young girls while working as a food sampler for Costco at a store in Federal Way.

The Des Moines resident was apprehended following an undercover investigation when a detective began chatting with someone who identified themselves online as "Animal_instinct" on a pedophile website.

According to an affidavit, the undercover agent working with Homeland Security and O'Neall began a conversation on the site and the following conversation took place between the two sometime on June 7th:

Undercover Officer: Hey. pass is boys
Undercover Officer: hey! anything you like in particular
Animal_instinct: ***shot vids and pics. ****sucking, peeing
Undercover Officer: sounds good.
Undercover Officer: have everything but the peeing
Animal_instinct: most all girls 11 and under. Not so much into boys but I sometimes collect for trades
Undercover Officer: same here
Undercover Officer: have lots of girls...not much boys
Animal_instinct: same here
Undercover Officer: have girls myself...always enjoyed them
Animal_instinct: I have like little girls since I was very young. Just never stopped
Undercover Officer: sorry stepped away for a minute
Undercover Officer: saw your pics in the chat...very cute
Undercover Officer: love the little one eating ice cream
Animal_instinct: She's my ex neighbor's daughter, ["M"]. Such a sweet girl
Undercover Officer: very cute...anymore of her
Animal_instinct: yep
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posted another image to the chat of the same clothed brown haired girl sleeping on a bed next to a doll]
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posts an additional image of the same brown haired girl]
Undercover Officer: wow! you are a lucky guy
Undercover Officer: she is perfect

They continue:

Undercover Officer: very cute...anymore of her
Animal_instinct: yep
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posted three images of a clothed young brown haired girl to the chat]
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posted another image to the chat of the same brown haired girl sleeping on a bed next to a doll]
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posts an additional image of the same brown haired girl]
Under Officer: wow! you are a lucky guy
Undercover Officer: she is perfect
Animal_instinct: her mom and dad are friends so I get new pics from them often
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posted an image of a young blonde girl playing with a dog in a yard]
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posted another image of the same blonde girl]
Animal_instinct: That's ["H"].
Animal_instinct: She's my next door neighbor's granddaughter
Animal_instinct: she comes over to play with my dog
Undercover Officer: i hope you're nice when she comes over
Animal_instinct: we're friends!
Undercover Officer: my neighbor girls are nowhere near that cute
Animal_instinct: LOL
Animal_instinct: I'm lucky
Undercover Officer: sorry man...i keep getting calls
Undercover Officer: just got [H]'s pic...nice
Undercover Officer: people from all over the world on giga
Undercover Officer: where r u from?
Animal_instinct: usa west coast
Animal_instinct: you?
Undercover Officer: me too...Oregon
Animal_instinct: tell me you're close to Wa.
Undercover Officer: just south of Portland
Animal_instinct: I'm south of Seattle
Animal_instinct: brb
Undercover Officer: ok

The suspect then leaves for a short amount of time before returning:

Animal_instinct: got clothes in the washer
Undercover Officer: no problem
Undercover Officer: wow! usually chat w/somebody half way around the world
Undercover Officer: i have family in seattle
Animal_instinct: I know a pedo in Albany
Undercover Officer: up there all the time
Animal_instinct: that's coll as anything!
Undercover Officer: no specifics...but what area
Undercover Officer: did you meet him on giga
Animal_instinct: actually I met him on Yahoo IM. I have albums on imgsrc.ru
Animal_instinct: I'm near Federal Way
Undercover Officer: drive through there all the time...just north of Tacoma
Animal_instinct: we met in Portland for a weekend of vid watching
Animal_instinct: yeah.
Undercover Officer: ive been on imgsrc.ru but no albums yet
Animal_instinct: my img user name is the same
Undercover Officer: great site
Undercover Officer: i see people get banned all the time so im a bit leary
Animal_instinct: I've made more than a few contacts via that site
Animal_instinct: I never post any nudes

Undercover Officer: you have kids?
Undercover Officer: next time you're in town, let me know
Undercover Officer: i've got plenty to share
Animal_instinct: my kids are grown. 2 boys
Animal_instinct: when are you coming up here again?
Undercover Officer: don't have anything planned
Undercover Officer: but its just a short drive
Animal_instinct: about 3 hours or so
Undercover Officer: we should probably get to know each other better before we meet
Animal_instinct: yeah, I think so
Undercover Officer: ive almost been in trouble before so
Animal_instinct: that's not good
Undercover Officer: tried to stop once but couldn't...to much fun
Animal_instinct: check out my albums on imgsrc.ru
Animal_instinct: you'll see my email address
Animal_instinct: feel free to contact me. I don't trade via email. only through IM and here
Undercover Officer: sorry. trying to find you on imgsrc.ru
Undercover Officer: got your album. very nice....you like blondes
Undercover Officer: still there?
Animal_instinct: I like them most
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posted an image of a clothed blonde young girl to the chat string]

Still continuing:

Undercover Officer: still looking...i like what i see
Animal_instinct: [Animal_instinct posted a smily face icon]
Undercover Officer: hey! back on. just looked through you stuff...very nice
Animal_instinct: that's a lot of pics
Animal_instinct: I took all those myself
Undercover Officer: the imgsrc.ru stuff
Undercover Officer: not your gig stuff...haven't finished that yet
Undercover Officer: any nudes of [M]?
Undercover Officer: She's by far my fav
Animal_instinct: nope. but the day she moved I saw her p***y
Animal_instinct: through the sides of her panties
Undercover Officer: crap...wife just got home with the kids
Animal_instinct: please let the one vid complete
Undercover Officer: ill be back on ltr tonight
Animal_instinct: only a few minutes

During the chat, the undercover officer was able to identify the IP address associated with "Animal_instinct" to a Comcast user and later identified his chat "friend" as the suspect who uploaded files titled, "More Costco Cuties", "Still More Costco Cuties" and "Kids I know" on the notorious russian website.

The Homeland Security agent then tracked our suspect through the Washingtion State Employment Secuirty Department to his job where he (O'Neall) worked as a Food Sampler.

The officer also idenfied the so-called friend's Yahoo! email address, "pieman1961" which then later linked to a Facebook profile which is viewable via Gregory's above picture.

While the back & forth was much tamer (according to the criminal complaint) than some other suspect's featured here like pastor Steve Richardson and sailor Alan Streiper, I thought it was still worthy of a 'write-up' considering his current sex offender status activity enjoying Facebook.

Meanwhile, a mother of one of the victims has hired a lawyer after claiming she uncovered pictures on the suspects Facebook page of her daughter.

Various reports state over 100 photos were uploaded to the server for multiple pedophiles to view.

O'Neall, who is married, was placed on the Texas registry following a conviction in 1991.


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