Saturday, July 21, 2012

Facebook Messages Lead To Arrest Of South Carolina Couple

A South Carolina couple have been charged with sexual assault following a Facebook post involving a young minor female victim.

Thomas J. Tibbs, 36 and Jennifer Nicole Tibbs, 35, were both apprehended by police after the alleged victim came forward and told authorities that she had been sexually abused at an apartment sometime in April.

According to a report:

"She told police she came to Myrtle Beach in March from Ohio to live there and that she was given alcohol and cocaine by the couple, according to the report. The victim said after being given the drugs, she was sexually assaulted."

The article continues:

"The victim posted about the incident on Facebook and her family learned of the incident and got involved, according to the report."
A criminal complaint states the alleged victim was provided with alcohol and cocaine before the attacks.

The former Myrtle Beach residents now remain behind bars at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Teens Charged With Sexual Assault Following Facebook Video

Wisconsin--A 17-year-old female with mental capacity of a young child was allegedly forced to perform various sexual acts on several men.

The reported acts were then recorded with a cellphone and later uploaded on Facebook, according to police.

The suspects Kendel Bivens, 17, Terry J. Gilbert, 18, Darius Shadwick, 19 and 18-year-old D'monte D. Williams have all been charged with second-degree sexual assault.

According to reports, the victim who has a mental capacity of a child between 7 and 9, was lured through the popular social networking by Mr. Bivens which later led to the subsequent assaults and the alleged video of the abuse.

Facebook Woman Lands In Jail For Sex Assault Of Teen

Police in Michigan have arrested a Maryland man on accusations that she crossed state lines to sexually assault a minor female during the Thanksgiving holiday period sometime last year.

Roseanne Valesco Balgot, 22, is alleged to have bought a plane ticket, traveled to Oakland County where she reportedly booked a hotel room with the intention of engaging in sexual activity with the intended victim.

Police say the teen's parents noticed suspicious activity on their daughter's Facebook profile which led authorities to Balgot.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teens Charged In Fatal Facebook Video

Illinois--Three teenagers from Chicago have been arrested for the beating death of a 62-year-old disabled man and then posting a video of the attack on Facebook.

The teens allegedly were "playing a game" when they attacked 62-year-old Delfino Mora in an alley, according to authorities.

The three charged were identified as 16-year-old Malik Jones, Nicholas Ayala, 17 and Anthony Malcolm, 18.

Prosecutors said a large crack can be heard on the video as Mora's head hit the ground.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Jessica Thompson Charged With Rape Of MySpace 'Friend"

A 23-year-old woman has been arrested for "seducing" and getting pregnant by a 15-year-old 'friend' on the once popular social networking website, MySpace.

The suspect, Jessica M. Thompson, was 22 at the time and was placed in some county jail in Indiana.

..It turns out MySpace still does matter (at least for Miss. Thompson) who now currently resides behind bars waiting some $10,000 bail.

Meet, Meet (Alleged) Facebook Predator...

...Rick Vickers Jr. and supposedly of Salem.

Meet, Meet comes to us via courtesy of WBIW Radio and
(of course) our vengeful Roadrunner friend.

The article involving Ricky (or Meet, Meet) is quoted via Meet, Meet:

"18-year-old Ricky Vickers Jr, of Salem man is accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl whom he met on Facebook."
Meet, Meet:

"Vickers is charged with child molesting...the attack took place in April when the child was home alone."
You can read more about Meet, Meet from the sloppy journalism link(s).

Friday, July 13, 2012

Facebook Messages Lead To Arrest

Police in Oklahoma have taken a 40-year-old man into custody on child sex crime and other charges following suspicious activity on Facebook.

The suspect, Theodore Kevin Booker, was jailed on complaints of child pornorgaphy, rape, computer sex crime and forcible oral sodomy charges.

According to ABC affiliate KOCO:

"A family member of a minor female reported to the OSBI that the girl was talking with Booker on Facebook and cellphone text messaging him when she sent him nude pictures of herself."
Bail was set at over $250.000.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Facebook Predator Sentenced To Six Years

UK: A 19-year-old man from Salford has been sentenced to six years in prison after sexually assaulting three young girls, one as young as 12, that he befriended using Facebook.

Elliot McDermott was sentenced earlier this week for assaulting all three girls sometime last year.

McDermott groomed the three victims, 12, 13 and 14, by gaining their confidence and providing them with cigarettes and alcohol.

Police have since dubbed him, "every parents worst nightmare".

Man Charged With Rape Of Two Facebook "Friends"

A 21-year-old South Dakota man has been charged with raping two girls, 12 and 13, that he met through Facebook.

Donald East, of Sioux Falls, was taken into custody after sexually assaulting the two young girls that reportedly took place last Sunday.

The two alleged victims reportedly snuck out of their house to meet Mr. East where he also provided them with alcohol.

It was at his apartment where police say he sexually assaulted both girls.

Man Arrested In Sex Assault Of Facebook "Friend"

A 39-year-old man has been arrested by police in Toronto for allegedly sexually assaulting his Facebook 'friend'.

Shahid Syed of Ajax was taken into custody on one count of sexual assault and a charge of administering drugs for sex, according to a report found online.

He is accused of giving a drink laced with a drug to a 23-year-old woman and then assaulting her.

Cops say the two met on Facebook several years prior to the reported incident.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sex Offender Arrested Over Facebook Use

Police in North Carolina have taken a 47-year-old sex offender into custody after creating a Facebook page.

Kimberly Watkins, who was previously convicted of several sexual related crimes against children in 2007, reportedly told police she joined the popular social networking website to keep in touch with friends and play games.

The suspect allegedly used the fake ID, "K.T. Heath."

North Carolina prohibits sex offenders to join any social networking website following a law passed in 2008.

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